Success Story

Catalogue of evidence found in Room 123, Dulles Greene Apartments, Herndon VA 20710. Please note that all items have been bagged and stored, and may only be retrieved by investigators specifically assigned to the case of Thomas Trigger. Requisition forms A4, C10-C12, and F7 required for viewing.


-Buffalo chicken, bleu cheese, and habanero pepper sandwich from Joey’s Sandwich Shoppe four miles away. Half-finished and several days stale. Apparently a common order for the suspect.

-Boggle board game, set up on the floor of the suspect’s room next to a list of words. Highest scoring word was “squandered."

-Thirteen identical button-down shirts: pressed, ironed, and hung in the suspect’s closet.

-Samsung Galaxy phone, dark blue case, found on the floor behind the suspect’s dresser. Location, angle, and damage to the screen and casing indicate the phone was thrown. Analysts were able to retrieve some data from the device, including its last call to one Mary Williams. Ms. Williams lives about fourteen miles from Mr. Trigger’s place of residence.

-Copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, dog-eared and coffee-stained.

-Map of Washington D.C., marked in red with the route of Senator *******’s limousine.

-Series of handwritten and unfinished letters addressed to one Austin Trigger, brother of the suspect. Mr. Trigger currently resides in Colorado and is employed at a ski lodge. He appears to have little to no connection to his brother’s case.

-A single ammunition box matching the caliber of the murder weapon’s bullets. Found underneath the suspect’s bed. Empty